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Need advice for Fossil hunt around Austin Texas in December

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I am visiting family in Austin, Texas for Christmas.  I plan a fossil hunt trip around Austin or a few hours away.  After googling, I plan to visit Mineral Well Fossil Park, Waco mammoth national monument, Dinosaur Valley State Park and maybe few road cut on the way.  I am debating on Ladonia Fossil Park.  It is a little further away and I am worry that it is too cold to be in the river bed.  I love Ladonia Fossil Park because of the possibility of finding mammal bones and arrowhead.


I would like to ask local people if it is a good idea to fossil hunt at Ladonia Fossil Park in December?  Also if there is any other places I should consider?  I love to find some ammonites, shark teeth, mammal bones and arrowhead.  Thanks.


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I used to recommend the Lake Waco Research Area, aka the Waco Pit, just down the road from the Mammoth park but the Corp of Engineers has really cut down on what you can do out there.  It's really not worth the trip there now.


If you don't want to hunt Ladonia then I might suggest Post Oak creek in Sherman.  Shark teeth galore out there.

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