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"World's Oldest Fossils" (Stromatolites, Greenland) Might Actually Be Simple Rocks


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Geologists Question 'Evidence Of Ancient Life' In 3.7 

Billion-Year-Old Rocks, NPR, All Things Considered



"World's Oldest Fossils" Might Actually Be Simple Rocks, 

And We're Here For The Drama, Carly Cassella, Science Alert



The paper is:


Abigail C. Allwood, Minik T. Rosing, David T. Flannery, Joel A. Hurowitz 

and Christopher M. Heirwegh, 2018, Reassessing evidence of life in 

3,700-million-year-old rocks of Greenland. Nature, Letter | Published: 17 October 2018



A related paper is;


Retallack, G.J. and Noffke, N., 2018. Are there ancient soils in the 

3.7 Ga Isua Greenstone Belt, Greenland?. Palaeogeography, 

Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. Volume 514, Pages 18-30.




Paul H.

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