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Reinventing Darwin by Niles Eldredge

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Many FFM's know of Niles Eldredge  by way of the recently erected  genus of Eldregeops and particularly Eldregeops rana. (Penn Dixie site and others.)

Eldrege studied the then Phacops rana. LINK below. 

The book's subtitle is “ THE GREAT DEBATE AT THE HIGH TABLE OF EVOLUTIONARY THEORY”.  I didn't know of  “THE GREAT DEBATE' and  am  taking the account as the history and “state of the science” of evolutionary theory. Published in 1995, there is apparently much subsequent development of the theory and science involved. Cheers , G


Systematics and evolution of Phacops rana (Green, 1832) and Phacops iowensis Delo, 1935 (Trilobita) from the Middle Devonian of North America. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 147, article 2

Eldredge, Niles

URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2246/1095 Date: 1972

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