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Hi everyone, I am new to this form and would like to know if there are any fossil sites in the general area around Connecticut. I myself live around Danbury CT and am not sure what places I could visit that are at most 4 hours of driving away from here. I have read about sites in PA like St.Clair and Carbondale but I believe both are closed now. Red Hill is also around that area but I don't know how I would get permission to go there.

Also I don't really have a preference on type of fossil plants, fish, invertebrates, everything is welcome.

Thank you

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Have you checked the "Fossil Sites" topic on here?  They have threads of locations around the world as well as for each state in the US.

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Welcome to the Forum from another Connecticutian, located in Central CT. :) 

Fossil hunting in CT is very difficult, as you need permission from private land owners to dig.  :( 

That is assuming you can find any of the sites.  :unsure: 


That said, there are many sites in Eastern NY that are accessible  within 1.5 to 2 hours drive.  

Shark teeth in NJ. St. Clair is closed to collecting, but there are still things to be found in Carbondale. 

Check out This Website. 
The information is very old, in most cases no longer accurate, and most sites are no longer available, but it is a good place to start your research. 

Welcome again. :) 



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Welcome to the Forum. I live just over the border in Lake Carmel. I don't know of any good fossil sites in Connecticut, but I split my time going to Devonian sites west of the Hudson and south of the Catskills as well as a number of other sites in the Mohawk Valley and in Central New York. I also travel south to Monmouth County, New Jersey to collect Cretaceous fossils. Carbondale, by the way is still open. I went there last year with Gordon C. and we found a number of plant fossils and ferns. I would also suggest joining the New York Paleontological Society. They take annual trips to Red Hill as well as other places, some of which are inaccessible unless you go with the club. Plenty of information about sites in New York, PA, and NJ on the Forum. Good luck.

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Thank you for the insightful information, I have been to Big Brook in NJ and found quite a few things there. I will check out more about Carbondale and see if I will be able to go.

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