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Isle of Skye Impact Ejecta Layer Site Vandalized

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Isle of Skye Cretaceous-Paleocene Boundary Site Vandalized


Meteorite hunters dig up 60 million-year-old site in Skye

BBC News, 20 November 2018



Meteor strike site on Skye to be protected by security glass

The Press and Journal, November 21, 2018



Original news article:


60 million-year-old meteorite impact found on Skye

BBC News, 14 December 2017



The paper is:


Drake, S.M., Beard, A.D., Jones, A.P., Brown, D.J., 

Fortes, A.D., Millar, I.L., Carter, A., Baca, J. and 

Downes, H., 2017. Discovery of a meteoritic 

ejecta layer containing unmelted impactor 

fragments at the base of Paleocene lavas, Isle 

of Skye, Scotland. Geology, 46(2), pp.171-174.








Paul H.

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