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drotops megalomanicus?


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Just curios as to what species this is I looked at phacops but non seem to have such defined bumps for a better word also the eyes don't match up at least not to the ones I have looked at. Again questioning this id because what is exposed so far is rather small 0.86" by 0.80" and the size of the matrix block is 2.51" by 2.34"


Also I am prepping this currently so not fully exposed yet don't know if that will hinder the possibility of confirming an id.


Thanks Matt


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This trilobite is a sharp example of Morocops forteyi characterized by these key features:


...Glabellar sculpture is of coarse, conical tubercles with broad bases and smaller subset of fine tubercles.

...Interlensar sclera is markedly thickened directly above and below each lens, altering packing pattern of lenses to produce cruciform arrangement of neighbours, as opposed to normal hexagonal packing (Fortey and Morris, 1977).




text and figure from:


McKellar, R.C., & Chatterton, B.D.E. 2009
Early and Middle Devonian Phacopidae (Trilobita) of southern Morocco.
Palaeontographica Canadiana, 28:1-110

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