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Went out after the snow here, not expecting much.  Found a dozen or so small teeth (one small mako?), a flat (porpoise?) partially hollow tooth, some coral on a scallop, skate teeth and a nice piece of stinger, and-- finally-- a bunch of shrimp coprolite burrows (had not seen any in a longtime, but the storm deposited several; posted photo

 on that thread).  Bunch of "whale' bone" chunks. A fun day.  



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Great haul! 


And I think I see a few more mako teeth, mostly lowers I believe. Otherwise sand tiger an reqieum teeth.

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Very nice little lot.:)

I also really like the ray tail stinger. 

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On 12/16/2018 at 9:04 AM, Parthicus said:

Nice!  I think the small tooth that is closest to the penny is a barracuda tooth (Sphyraena sp.).

Thanks, it is fairly flat with a nice sharp edge.  Not something I see a lot of, will keep that in mind in the future!

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