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DNA, Genetics, and Prehistoric Marine Mammal Research


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The September, Volume 18, Number 4, of the issue of the SAA Archaeological Record has series of review papers about the use of DNA and genetics in studying prehistoric and historic mammals and their past interactions with human beings.


The PDF file of this issue is at:

http://www.saa.org/Portals/0/SAA/Publications/thesaaarchrec/SAA Record Sept 2018 WEB 9.13.18.pdf



The papers are:


Sea Change? New Directions in Marine Mammal 

Research by Camilla F. Speller


Whale Hunting in the Strait of Gibraltar during 

the Roman Period? by Darío Bernal-Casasola


Ecology, Archaeology, and Historical Accounts 

Demonstrate the Whaling Practices of the 

Quileute Tribe in Washington State by Frances 

C. Robertson and Andrew W. Trites


Finding Moby: Identifying Whales in the 

Archaeological Record by S. Evans and J. Mulville

http://orca.cf.ac.uk/115359/1/New Evans and Mulville 2018 SAA.pdf


Ancient Pinnipeds: What Paleogenetics Can Tell Us

about Past Human-Marine Mammal Interactions 

by Xénia Keighley, Maiken Hemme Bro-Jørgensen,

Peter Jordan, and Morten Tange Olsen


Cumulative Human Impacts on Pinnipeds Over 

the Last 7,500 Years in Southern South America 

by Jonathan W. Nye, Atilio Francisco J. Zangrando,

María Paz Martinoli, Martín M. Vázquez, and 

Marilyn L. Fogel





Paul H.

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