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Heyo Van Iten, Michael Lichtenwalter, Juliana de Moraes Leme,Marcello Guimarães Simões *

“Possible Taphonomic Bias in the Preservation of Phosphatic Macroinvertebrates in the Uppermost Maquoketa Formation (Upper Ordovician) of Northeastern Iowa (North-Central USA)”

Journal of Taphonomy, vol.4, issue 4/2006


*all diacritics omitted

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4 hours ago, minnbuckeye said:

Made a few  more specific IDs based off of this article!!!!   thanks @doushantuo

Nice! Hows winter up there? Was 48 yesterday here ..lol

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@Raggedy Man It is a balmy 25 as I respond. Only a few inches of southern type snow (wet heavy dirty) left, but it will be a white Xmas!!.

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