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Seed-plant fossils Found in Late Permian strata of Jordan

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Fossils Unexpectedly Discovered in Jordan Change Paradigm of Plant Evolution

Paleobotanists thought seed plants evolved after the Permian mass extinction,

but fossils of early pine trees and other gymnosperms found by the Dead Sea

alter timeline. Haaretz, Ruth Schuster, December 25, 2018



Middle East fossils push back origin of key plant 

groups millions of years By Elizabeth Pennisi, Science



Blomenkemper, P., Kerp, H., Hamad, A.A., 

DiMichele, W.A. and Bomfleur, B., 2018. A hidden 

cradle of plant evolution in Permian tropical lowlands. 

Science, 362(6421), pp.1414-1416.





Paul H.

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