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Two species of peccaries reported from Gray Fossil Site, Tennessee

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First report of prehistoric peccaries from Gray Fossil Site

WJHL, News Channel 11 Staff December 20, 2018



East Tennessee scientists ID extinct peccary species

East Tennessee State University scientists have discovered

the remains of two different extinct species of ancient 

peccaries at the Gray Fossil Site. WRCBtv



The paper is:


Doughty, E.M., Wallace, S.C., Schubert, B.W. and Lyon,

 L.M., 2018. First occurrence of the enigmatic peccaries 

Mylohyus elmorei and Prosthennops serus from the 

Appalachians: latest Hemphillian to Early Blancan of 

Gray Fossil Site, Tennessee. PeerJ, 6, p.e5926.



Another paper is;


Samuels, J.X., Bredehoeft, K.E. and Wallace, S.C., 2018. 

A new species of Gulo from the Early Pliocene Gray 

Fossil Site (Eastern United States); rethinking the evolution 

of wolverines. PeerJ, 6, p.e4648.



An older article is:


Digging up bones: Unearthing the past at Gray Fossil Site

Diane Hughes, Explore Tennessee Sept. 10, 2018 



Merry Christmas Everyone,


Paul H.

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