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Enos Squared

Identification help, Peace River Fossils

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Enos Squared

Hello!  I'm brand new as a member of the forum but have been looking on here for awhile.  I caught the fossil bug while on a vacation to Texas in June.  I just got back from a Peace River trip and wondered if anyone could help me identify what I got.  


I believe I have scutes... but don't know what variety - Armadillo?  Alligator?  Turtle?  The first two photos are of the same specimens but both sides.  The third pic I think might be alligator.  The last two pics are of two teeth, different angles - I think I have llama, but don't know the other?  I'm so excited about starting fossiling!  My next trip to Florida will include diving for megs (which was cancelled on this last trip, leading to the Peace river search...)  I want to do Peace river again, but this time branch out to an area that doesn't rent canoes for that specific leg of the river (so not as picked over maybe).  If anyone has advice, it's very welcome.


Thank you to any one who can help!






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Yup. I concur (Jeff beat me to the punch). :)


Let us know next time you make it to Florida. When you know the dates you'll likely be here, post here on the forum and maybe we can get something organized.






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