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Share your ideas - Casey Key Near Venice Beach Florida


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Greetings - I have had fun with family walking the beach at Casey Key near Venice Beach, Florida.  I have been enjoying the conversations here and am hoping you all may have ideas about these finds. I am posting a few overview photos - labelled - and then a few close-ups - I have more photos (larger, too). Most of these are under 6 cm (1.c which looks like a hollowed-out bone is 19 cm.).  I believe 1.a ia shark's tooth and 4.c is a stingray plate. Thank you for any assistance... will look forward to your ideas - of them all the one labelled "H" (looks like some sort of claw) and item 3 "some sort of tooth" may be the most interesting? I have three others I would like to post. Noelle

1. Fossils from Venice Beach A-J  LB 1-12-2019 - 45.jpg

1. Fossils from Venice Beach A-J  LB 1-12-2019.jpg

B at 30 percent.jpg

C at 30 percent.jpg

F at 30 percent.jpg

G at 30 percent.jpg

H at 30 percent.jpg

J at 30 percent.jpg

2. Fossils from Venice Beach A-D  LB 1-12-2019 - 30.jpg

3. Fossils some sort of tooth LB 1-12-2019 - 30.jpg

4. Fossils A-D LB 1-12-2019 - 30.jpg

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1F seems like a worn mammal tooth of some variety

2ABC&D are worn bone fragments

4A&B ray dental plates, C&D are also worn bone fragments

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Many thanks, PaleoNoel for your quick response - this will help me as I continue to explore - Noelle

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4 a  and b are ray tooth plates.

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Interesting - I will be reading more about this, how rays have changed from long time ago (if at all) - Noelle

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These items all appear to be fossils, all of which have been tumbled to the point that the animal of origin is probably not identifiable. 

I lived in Venice in the 60s--- the beach access was greater then, and really cool stuff washed up on a daily basis--and a lot of it. The beach renourishment there has pretty much put an end to that, but scuba divers are still getting nice finds. I have found a few nice small megs on Casey Key, but nothing like Venice.

The jetty in the north part of Venice Beach is public--and that is the area which might still yield some goodies. I had my best luck at low tide (duh!), about knee deep, in that "dip", or trough that runs along the entire beach. While hunting, stay off the private beaches-- walking in the Gulf is public domain.

Good luck!

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Barby - I appreciate these suggestions, I will now plan on getting one of those scoops and returning to explore a bit more. Thank you, Noelle

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I wish you great sifting in Venice!

There have been so many changes since I lived there in the 60s--we never needed to sift for shark teeth back then---we could fill a 1/2 cup at each low tide, with just a stroll on the beach...Storms, beach renourishment,huge population growth, etc. have made major changes.You can still get some good stuff--you'll just have to work harder for it.

I usually found that the shallow "dip" just behind the tideline was where the larger teeth lodged---it used to run all the way down the entire beach.

Happy hunting!



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