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Hi, I found this small fossilized bone, about 6 months ago in southern Galveston Island. I haven’t been able to ID what animal it came from. The geology of the area is from the Late Pleistocene (100,000-11000 years ago) Beaumont formation. I have found fossilized turtle shell fragments, and fossilized crab claws in the same location. It measures just about 1 cm in length and width. Any idea as to what is is? :headscratch:



Front side




Back side





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The shadows dont help with visibility of the specimen..........

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1 hour ago, UtahFossilHunter said:

I cropped and lightened as much as I could. Some better pics with some softer lighting would probably be better than what ever I could whip up with software.






Ok, I’ll take better pics tomorrow. This fossil is one of the strangest I have

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