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My dear friends,

I'd like to show up a little.
As everyone know i am baltic amber inclusions maniac, lover and re-searcher.
At my begining i had dream about fining a holotype or seomething extremely rare.
With time and determination, we all can do big things, even if its very hard and even we are exhausted.

As in every market, here in Poland is very hard to find honest sellers of raw ambers who did not check material for inclusions.
To be honest -  i must keep fingers crossed if they miss something and i will find it. All the best things are gone at start ( amber fishers and diggers ).

But to the point - sometimes i am lucky and i;d like to show link to article about moths that i found in copulating / mating position.
Its is extremely rare becouse never in Baltic amber examinations history we didn't notice scene like that.

This is funny story. I know PD doctor Thilo Fisher from Germany and several times i was send moths to him.
In one of our friendly conversation he said something like this in joke: if you ar so good - find me copulating moths becouse it is impossible.

Now i know that everything is possible if determination is huge, passion is huge and if you never give up.

Here is the article - https://palaeo-electronica.org/content/2019/2421-mating-moths


I attached also picture but is not good - old equipment.



PS - to every young collectors - never give up, dreams can come true

PS 2 - i am sorry for my not perfect english language.

2244 mating moths possibly.jpg

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