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Hop 5  

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  1. 1. Which find is your favorite?

    • Carcharocles chubutensis
    • Carcharias cuspidata
    • Notorynchus primigenius
    • Isurus desori
    • Carcharocles sp.

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(I will now be using the poll format, so you can actually click your favorite and the poll will keep track of the votes)


1. Carcharocles chubutensis: MY FIRST MEGATOOTH! A bit of damage near the root and a missing bourlette, but a gorgeous tooth nonetheless. The serrations are absolutely killer. It’s about 1 ¾ inches. Colors completely changed when it dried. I. Am. Ecstatic.


2. Carcharias cuspidata: Very large sand tiger with a beautiful hooked double cusp on one shoulder. Excellent preservation, and certainly a necklace quality tooth.


3. Notorynchus primigenius: A perfect little cow shark tooth. Found in the cove within my first five minutes of collecting. Not very big, but in fantastic condition.  


4. Isurus desori: Incredible little mako. It is absolutely pristine, and still sharp enough to cut you. Has that beautiful Brownies blue coloration on the enamel.


5. Carcharocles sp.: Oh, what could have been...this is the tip to what was probably a huge Megalodon tooth. Based on the thickness of the tooth, it would have been much larger than the meg that I found. Still a great find! The tip of a monster.






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Congratulations! :)

But I really love that little cow shark tooth. 

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I’m partial to cow shark teeth as well:)

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Due to a stalemate, I cast a vote of my own as a tiebreaker. Although the cow shark tooth is an absolute beauty, nothing can top my first meg. The Hoppe tripmaker for 01/25/18 is...


#1 Carcharocles chubutensis/megalodon (still unidentified) 

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