Hello everybody     Here are some fish all directly from Solnhofen.    I bought these many years ago at the local fossil store in Solnhofen. No idea about species, I just can assure these fish are all from there       Looking for any Dino teeth material (except Spino and Abelisauridae from Morocco) or rooted Mosasaur teeth (maybe even with a small jaw fragment?). I can trade more fish for one tooth   If you want these fish, but feel your tooth is worth more, maybe we can still make a deal. Let us talk about it        Be aware that I live in Germany, however shipping to the US or other parts of the world is no problem. Will check this once I know the destination, because of the weight.    I can provide more close up pictures, no problem   My pocket rule only has CM, sorry!   Fish 1   Fish 2   Fish 3   Fish 4   Fish 5