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Fossil/artifact hunting in the Netherlands advice

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Hey guys, I’m heading to Raalte in The Netherlands for a family trip and wanted to know what the fossil/artifact scene is there and if there are any spots you all would recommend! I’d love to bring home some European fossils :)


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The Netherlands has a few beaches where you can find pleistocene material.

for older fossils there were the quarries of Winterswijk ( triassic) and the ENCI in Maastricht ( Maastrichtian ) but those quarries are now  sadly closed.


But, Belgium and Germany or even France are nearby both with lots of fossil locations if you don't mind driving a couple of hours.

I'll be happy to help if you need Info on Belgian fossil locations our on local geology.



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Raalte is probably not the best spot for fossil hunting in the Netherlands... 

Most spots nearby are closed/no longer accessible.


You've got the "glacial erratic" stones from Twente nearby, where you can find a wide range of different fossils from all ages. But the possibility that you find something can be low. Personally, I haven't heard much coming from that place (fossil-wise), and I don't think it's a very popular location. 


One of the best fossil hunting locations in the Netherlands is the Zandmotor (I'm definitely not being bias right now :P), where I go pretty regularly. I haven't been for a couple months (simply because it's winter and I'm too lazy to go there in the cold and windy weather), but from spring to autumn it's a really good place to hunt at. It's a little under 2 hours car drive away from Raalte. You can find lots of fossil bivalves from the Eemian of the Pleistocene (it's impossible to go home without any shells), but there's also a lot of Ice Age mammal fossils to be found, all from the typical "mammoth steppe" fauna (mammoths, woolly rhino's, reindeer, horse, cave hyena, etc). The beach itself is beautiful too, very vast. If you want to see more about this location, just type in "Zandmotor" in the TFF search bar and you'll find lots of posts (many by me) regarding the location. 

When will you be in the Netherlands? If you plan on going to the Zandmotor, I would gladly (if able) take you out there to give you a tour of the place and help you ID your finds! :D 


If you need any more help regarding locations/hunting in the Netherlands, let me know (on this topic or via PM). 


Best regards,



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This link might be usefull, it's a map that shows quite a lot of fossil locations in the Netherlands and every spot can be opened to show addition information about the location like age, which species can be found and whether the location is open or closed. 
It's made by a dutch fossil forum, so it's quite reliable :) 

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