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Cen Tex Penn, Odd need opinion


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Ok I went out to the Wilson Claypit for a couple hours Sunday after church. Did not find much but a nice day. I found the two items below which have me stumped. I thought maybe interior structure of something maybe like Brachiopod or I don't know? Thought maybe interior structure from Crinoid or Urchin? Found the one with the two sides together then a 100 yards away found the other single. When I first noticed the one I thought it was interior of an old walnut but it is a fossil.





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Tully, I think @Heteromorph is on the right track, but I'm leaning more toward hemipyramids.  Rare a hen's teeth....


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Thanks Heteromorph and JohnJ. John I looked up hemipyramids on Google and in the pictures I see an image almost identical to what I have. I could not pull up the related article but looks like you are pointing me to the right direction. It is still part of the interior structures of an urchin right? Seems odd to find at clay pit since econoids are not that prevalent out there. Thanks for the info.

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