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Curious as to types of petrified wood this may be. Photos are not great but best as I can do for now. I love petrified wood and new to identification of types but trying. Most of my samples are found at really high elevation on mountain tops, which intruiges me when I read how it is formed. I'm no.longer able physically to go Out anymore, these are finds from many years ago that now I'm curious into more the types now. Excuse the spelling as I have my kid posting for me. I can't text with his hands hardly anymore.She

Thanks for any comments. 







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Welcome to the forum from New York! Sorry that I can't help in your quest for an ID. Interesting  pieces though. Do you happen to know the formation a d/or timr period these came from ? That may help with ID.

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Hi, welcome from France.


Could you take photos of all sides and ends of your fossils ? It would also help.


Thank you.



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In order to identify wood You have to look at the cellular structures.

This requires magnification.

It is impossible to make an id beyond wood (not even sure if they are petrified wood) with the large blurry pictures You have provided.

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