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A Possible Second Large Subglacial Impact Crater in Northwest Greenland

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Scientist May Have Discovered Massive Crater 

Under Greenland Ice Sheet, Daily Beast, Feb. 2019



Photos: Craters Hidden Beneath the Greenland 

Ice Sheet, Live Science, February 12, 2019



The open access paper is:


Joseph A. MacGregor, William F. Bottke, Jr.,  Mark 

A. Fahnestock, Jeremy P. Harbeck, Kurt H. Kjær,  

John D. Paden, David E. Stillman, and Michael 

Studinger, 2019, A Possible Second Large 

Subglacial Impact Crater in Northwest Greenland

First published: 11 February 2019 




The paper states:

"Based on the dated radiostratigraphy of the Greenland
Ice Sheet, available for pre-2014 radar data only, the
ice overlying the structure is at least 79 ka old (Figures
1e–1h; MacGregor et al., 2015)."




Paul H.

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