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No idea about what this is.

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Recently re discovered a bunch of these things that we got from the Canary Islands. They were all washed up on the beaches and they do not look stricktly geological to me and looks kind of like some kind of modern calcified organism or trace of one. 

I stumbled upon a book at some point, I believe it was called Darwin's Fossils that said these were some kind of remains of algae that have fossilized, but when I looked that up there was no evidence I could find supporting this claim, maybe someone else knows what these things could be?

Any new insight is appreciated, 

Thank you.



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Tidgy's Dad

Colony of tube worms, I think.

And I agree modern not fossil, probably.

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46 minutes ago, abyssunder said:

I would call it "Rolling Stone". These kind of mobile carbonate concretions or nodules may have different names, like Bryolith (bryozoans), Balanulith (barnacles), Serpulith (tube worms), Rhodolith (coralline algae), Corallith (corals), Ostreolith (oysters), or they may have combined elements.

I like very much your description. I should label it "Rolling stony mix".

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