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Possible Ray Plate and Tooth?


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DISCLAIMER: most of these pictures are pretty bad. But I feel these specimen are so well known that it is easy to tell what they are at least the genus.

So I went to a rock shop with fossils (Actually landed a job there now.)

They had this selection of fossils and I grabbed all that I thought fit. (they had no labels) 

I was able to identify some of these but others I wanted some input. 

1. I believe this is a fish. Probably knightia from Wyoming (as its the cheapest and most common) however in the quality it is in, I'm sure I'll only wonder.

2. both pictures are of the top and side of I believe a horn coral. Correct me if I'm wrong.

3. I think these are crinoid stems which are all different colors shapes and sizes. 

4. These are obviously Echinoids of some kind. I'm satisfied with that.


5. I am only guessing here but I believe this to be a Ray plate?

6. this looks like some kind of tooth but I'm not sure. Its been either annihilated or its something I've never seen before.


7.  I think this looks like some kind of sponge.


8. this may be another sponge or possibly a coral of some kind.


9. I found a plethora of ammonoids. 


FINAL QUESTION: I want to see how much you think I paid for all of these. For me I was amazed at the price. Having been to a rock shop the same day that had a horn coral with the exact same detail and size was 8$ a piece. Let me know below and thanks for reading through again :) - John















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