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I like collecting fossils, but I usually am not sure what my finds are. Please, could you help me identify these fossils? I noted down some possibilities down below.


1 - could be a late Albian ammonite from central Serbia, but I am not entirely sure. Acquired in Serbia.

2 - Found at Southerndown, Wales. Could it be a tree root or something in the region of that? It has a cross-hatched pattern if you look closely.

3 & 4  - A shell I found at Penarth, Wales but I am not entirely sure what it is called.

5 - A bone I found in the mud at Tites Point, Severn, Gloucestershire. maybe a birds?

6 - Some shells I found in mudstone at Charmouth, England. Was found in the same stone as 7.

7 - wood I found at Charmouth? It was very crumbly and delicate.

8 - A Trilobite fragment possibly, Llanfawr quarries, Wales.

9 - A bivalve I found in Southerndown. Not sure what it is though.


Alban nautiloid.jpg

Tree root.jpg








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Tidgy's Dad

I think Number one could be a ceratite from the Triassic.

Three and four look like the Liassic bivalve Plagiostoma, if it's still called that. It's a bivalve, anyway.

Six is another Liassic bivalve, very, very nice too! :) I think this is also Lima/ Plagiostoma sp. 

I agree with wood for seven.




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I'll go along with Tidgy's Dad's assessment. Can't say anything to the bone or possible trilobite, though.

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I believe it could be a trilobite considering the only fossils in the area are trilobites and graptolites. But I am just not sure what species the trilobite is. :)


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Some other unidentified fossils;

10 - Kingston Bivalve, England, I have no clue what it is though.

11 - Both are ammonites but are of a different species, any ideas. Also from Kingstone.

12 - bivalve from Llantwit major, I found it in a rubbish pile at the bottom of the cliff.

13 - Bivalve from Southerndown, Wales. What is it?

14 - I believe both are of the same genus but what are they? Kingstone.

15 - Very interesting clam, has zigzags across its mouth. I've never found anything like it. Kingstone








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Tidgy's Dad

Kingstone fossils are usually from the Junction Bed, Upper Lias - the top of the Lower Jurassic.

The ammonites could be Harpoceras on the left and Hildoceras on the right, I think.

13 and possibly the internal molds of 14 as well look like Pholadomya, or one of that family. 

The last one is a rhynchonellid brachiopod. :)


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10 hours ago, Enafter said:

Thanks! now I know what most of my fossils are and can label them. :)


I think number 10 looks like some kind of Bivalve. Possibly Buchia Sp. (I have found some pretty squished ones)
And I agree with Tidgy's dad, the last one is a rhynchonellid brachiopod.

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Here are a few pictures of Jurassic Buchia I found in Oregon United States



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