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Interesting fossilized bone texture. Large mammal. Brazos River, TX


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Hi Everyone,


I found an interesting large bone fragment in the Brazos River, outside of Harris County, Texas. The fragment has a thick sidewall, so I am guessing it is from a large mammal, possibly mammoth. The thing that I can't wrap my head around is the odd pocket-like texture exhibited on one side of the bone. Could these odd pockets help in the identification of this fossil?


Also, I have attached a picture of 2 antlers from the Brazos. They both look like they are whitetail deer antlers to me. One is much larger than the other, possibly due to age and nutrition of the animal? 

Thanks for checking them out.


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I checked out the 3D images of mammoth bones on the University of Michigan's website. I couldn't find any similar bones that had that weird pocket texture. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I agree with a skull piece for the first one.

As for the antlers-- how did You determine white tail?

There are several species of cervidae that had antlers.  Moose, elk, black tail and mule deer are the only other extant species in America, but there were others long ago.

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That is pretty cool about the potential skull fragment. 


And I just figured it was whitetail because it was from east Texas and I didn't realize that muleys would be that far east. The "whitetail" aspect comes from the bias because I have picked up many modern whitetail antlers and it has the same shape near the pedicle. if it was Elk (assuming they are similar to modern species) it would be more vertical from the pedicle and probably have a very large brow-tine. I'll attach a pic of several modern whitetail antlers for comparison.


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