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The era of sabre-toothed cats and giant sharks and climate change


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What the era of sabre-toothed cats and giant sharks says about 

climate change by Simon Levey, Imperial College London, April 2019



The meeting is:


The Pliocene: The Last Time Earth had >400 ppm of Atmospheric CO2

Royal Meteorological Society Meeting



The video of the talks is at:



Other articles are:


Last time CO2 levels were this high, there were trees at the South Pole

Pliocene beech fossils in Antarctica when CO2 was at similar level 

to today point to planet’s future, The Guardian, April 3, 2019



Dire future etched in the past: CO2 at 3-million year-old levels

by Patrick Galey And Marlowe Hood, PhysOrg, April 5, 2019





Paul H.

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