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Meg tooth 5.35in for trading

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Hello everybody :) 


So I would like to trade one of my Megalodon tooth.

It one solid tooth and pretty symmetrical on both sides. They measure 13,6 cm (5.35 in).

Display stand is included in the trade and shipping worldwide is possible. :)


It is from the Hawthorn Group in North Carolina 


Only downside is, that there are no fine serrations present on the tooth. I hope the pictures do it justice. 

If more pictures are needed, just ask ^_^


I'm looking for Dinosaur material/teeth, especially Theropod teeth. Teeth from North America are very welcomed but not only from there. Let's just see what you got. :) 

Any offer is welcome and highly appreciated.

If you want it, but don't think you got the stuff I'm looking for to trade, PM me nevertheless. Let me see what you have to offer and we'll see :)


While we're at it. Also got some Fish to trade from Solnhofen. 






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