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Jonathan Raymond

I bought this tooth as Mosasaurus hoffmanni on internet site.

Size: 2,32 inch

Location: Oued Zem, Morocco

Formation: Ouled Abdoun Basin (Phosphate beds)


Is it really hoffmanni ?   or beaugei ?z1.thumb.JPG.b773cb1787f3e577edf24fb2fb46bafe.JPGz4.thumb.JPG.67f7b4bc4daf104c0e8be9aa5681c2b1.JPGz5.thumb.JPG.c64e53a812ea4980c7b4cf9c3285cb67.JPGz1.thumb.JPG.b773cb1787f3e577edf24fb2fb46bafe.JPGz4.thumb.JPG.67f7b4bc4daf104c0e8be9aa5681c2b1.JPGz5.thumb.JPG.c64e53a812ea4980c7b4cf9c3285cb67.JPG



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Sweet looking crown, whatever it belongs to.

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