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Visiting Devils Tower Area


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The grown-up family and I are heading out to Rapid City/ Belle Forche for some Hell Creek goodies and making a side trip to Devil's Tower. Going to be free July 7 and 8. Was even meeting if anyone wanted to meet up to hunt in the area or recommends a good spot. Happy to bring some east coast fossils with us.

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We completed the same trip three years ago. I STRONGLY recommend Devils Tower Lodge, a lovely bed and breakfast. It is the ONLY lodging at the base of Devils Tower and the owner, though unique, is WONDERFUL. I am not a bed and breakfast type of guy, but our stay there could not have been better. As a side note, I did collect some small cephalopods just outside of the park on his land. A site recommended by the owner. He is very knowledgable about the local geology and likes to talk about it. 


Have a wonderful vacation!!!



Here is a picture from outside our room. Wish I had my polarizing lens with me!



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Aloha I gotta rock -


Aw man, I'm going to the exactly right there and looking for people to hunt with - but a couple days earlier. I'm currently planning to be in Greybull on July 4th and 5th. I'll be heading up to Glendive 7/6 - 7/7.

Since that's only a couple days 'off' maybe shoot me a message and we can at least swap info? I'm going to be all throughout E Wyoming late June/early July and would love to meet you or anyone else heading out this way.

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