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Uzbekistan Bissekty formation Theropod teeth

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I lack teeth in my collection from the Bissekty and a number of theropod teeth have popped up on a popular auction site from a seemingly reliable seller. 


None of them are super special but I am curious if I should pull the trigger or wait for better material? I don't see Bissekty material often and would have trouble doing a proper ID..


Thank you

s-l1600 (1).jpg


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These are slightly above average Timurlengia euotica teeth missing or with very weak serrations. Serrations are always an issue with these teeth but they have been available with more complete ones.  Think the top one is better but need to see the other side, looks untouched.   I have not seen the other Russian seller with nicer teeth for quite a while so not sure what to tell you.   

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