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Pine cone? ( confirmed Pinus Strozzii )

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Found these imprints in the island of Rhodes (Greece). The age of the cediment according to geological maps of the area is upper Pliocene to lower Pleistocene. The units on the scale are cm. I wonder if my assumptions about pine cones are correct (even considered cycad cones) having read about pine cone specimens being found on the island. Would be really happy if someone could pinpoint the species from the shape of indentations - in the first image which is the most detailed there appears to be a small hole in the center of what I suppose are the cone scales. This can also be seen in the second image, though the structure is in worse shape probably due to being exposed for a long time. 







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16 minutes ago, piranha said:

Pinus strozzii is described from the Pleistocene of Rhodes.


Here is an excellent paper:


Velitzelos, D., Bouchal, J.M., Denk, T. 2014

Review of the Cenozoic floras and vegetation of Greece.

Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 204:56-117  PDF LINK

Thank you so much for the quick response and material! I had read in part about Velitzelos findings but this paper with clear images and specific locations is invaluable!

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