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A new macronarian sauropod from the Upper Jurassic of Portugal Oceanotitan dantasi .  Unfortunately no teeth were described as part of this discovery.  





A new macronarian sauropod from the Upper Jurassic of Portugal

Pedro Mocho ,Rafael Royo-Torres  &Francisco Ortega 

Article: e1578782 | Received 15 Dec 2016, Accepted 10 Jan 2019, Published online: 15 May 201








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Very interesting. I know that Lusotitan is the best known titanosauriform from the Late Jurassic of Portugal, but Oceanotitan indicates that more than one titanosauriform clade existed in this region during the Jurassic, given that one cladistic analysis recovers it as a member of Somphospondyli.


By the way, could I have a copy of the Oceanotitan paper?

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