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Miosen Corbula

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Hi everybody.

Today I want to ask your comment about these Corbula species.

On the area there is only Corbula carinata reported by Lutfiye Erunal-Erentoz (1958). But when I check the samples I saw some differences.

They are all find in the same formation: Tırtar Formation - Serravalian (Turkey-Karaman-Seyithasan (like my other collectings and sharing))

Thanks and best regards.


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Nice finds and good pics @ozgur70, thanks for sharing!

Whats the size of your specimens? Are they all of the same size? I have found some of them myself ("Florianer Schichten", Styrian basin, Langhian), but have no experience about the intraspecific variability.


Not as nice as yours and not so nice pics as yours, of course :)!


I have found only one of what I think it is another species:


Size is 10 mm, I have preliminary identified it as Corbula basteroti (?). Is much more "globular", not so elongated as the other ones. And it has much more concentric ribs.


I find it very interesting that you seem to have the same species as here in Styria a few 1000 km away! Do you know what 

11 hours ago, ozgur70 said:

Lutfiye Erunal-Erentoz (1958)

was using as reference?


Franz Bernhard

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