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Hello everybody.

My girlfriend and I are making one last trip to Brownies tomorrow before it costs 40 dollars for us to get in (barf). But I've had some questions about it. 

We have gone one time before, and were unable to get past the one little point/corner,  but still found over 200 teeth, which was awesome, however most of the teeth were small, tiny even.  

Are there any tips or places to find some bigger teeth in the area? I've heard the farther south you go, AKA past the point we couldn't get past last time, the teeth tend to get bigger. And is sifting a viable option to finding bigger teeth? I'm not looking for Meg sized teeth, more or less looking for decent sized teeth, and maybe a bigger Hemi or two ;) any tips for the recovery of larger teeth at Brownie's Beach/Bayfront Park is appreciated! Thanks so much! 


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Peto Lithos

Back when I was going there, we would try to get past that point as quickly as possible to begin hunting. Man, the water was up to my chest back than. There is an exposure of layer 10 in that direction, I think, and the closer you get the more teeth you will find. I am sorry to hear that they have upped the price. Best of luck.

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b. bartron

Luck of the draw at brownies.  Personally i avoid that place. Great teeth to be found there south of the bend in fall piles. Buried in the sand and just off shore but lots of foot traffic.  Look into other places. Some great spots along calvert and choptank formations. My personal favorite it warriors rest to scientists cliffs. Others boast plum point. Access is difficult to gain to most areas. But walking north from matoaka to western shores can provide nice fossils. 

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