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Collectors What is Your Most Prized Fossil?

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dinosaur man
On 2020-02-13 at 10:09 PM, Dracarys said:

Too many to choose from but probably my 3.6 inch T rex tooth and an opalized ornithomimid vert from Lightning Ridge. 



Amazing fossils!! :envy:

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ooh my, I kinda forgot about this topic. 
I aqcuired some more pieces I consider as my most prized fossils since I posted here last. 


Most recently is my Opalized Belemnite (Neohibolites sp.) found in the opal fields of the Bulldog Canyon in Coober Pedy (Australia), around 135 mya (Cretaceous)
Simply due to the fact that it's of a high quality opal and that opalised fossils are not that common. 



My first Tyrannosaurus rec tooth, found in the Hell Creek Formation, Carter County, Montana (USA), 66 mya (Cretaceous) 
Not the best or biggest T-rex tooth on the market, but a perfect beauty for my collection given my budget :) 



A very rare vert from a Pachyvaranus crassispondylus found in Ouled Abdoun (Morocco), 70 mya (Cretacous)
Never seen them in any other collections or for sale, probably one of the more rare specimens in my collection.



A walrus jaw (Odobenus rosmarus) found in the seaway channel "The Scheur" in the North Sea (Belgium), 45 000 years old (Pleistocene). 
These walrus fossil from this location are only rarely for sale, but The Scheur is a recently discovered fossil graveyard that was home to the southern-most walrus colony ever discovered. 



A Mesacanthus pusillus found in the Achanarras Quarry, Caithness, Scotland, UK (Devonian, 385 mya)
Because I love devonian fishes and you don't see this species often preserved as well as this



A Balteurypterus tetragonophtalmus found in the Bagovitsa formation, Smotrych river, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Khmelnytskyi Oblast (Ukraïne), 427 mya (Silurian)



A large Cosmopolitodus hastalis tooth found in the Wienerberger quarry in Rumst (Belgium), 20 - 16 mya (Miocene)

We found this tooth during our 2nd fossil hunting trip and it is our best and favorite found to date, a quite big tooth as well.

The scarring on the tooth are due to the time this tooth was in the permafrost during the Ice Ages, a wonder this tooth even survived that.


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