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Break from the heat today, so hoped to enjoy the weather at the beach.  Unfortunately the surf was washing small black wood particles up the length of the beach, and that negated the low tide.  The water was turbid and I couldn't see behind the 'black surf' which was crashing more than I like.  I only found a badly weathered cowshark tooth in the first hour, but being stupid and stubborn I kept at it and found a shrimp coprolite burroe, a pointy something (?), a skate tooth and six other small shark teeth (lost two at home, probably will step on them). 

The weather was gorgeous so I decided to try the freshwater creek, which has been hunted forever by the neighbors.  The first spot, lots of gravel, found a broken cowshark tooth (with a root), a shrimp coprolite burrow (the sites are five miles apart so they must be common fossils), several skate teeth, a small pointy thing (not like the beach one), a vert, and a bonito nose (some other stuff still drying).  But not many teeth (?)  Tried another spot (mostly sand and shells) and found lots of teeth, but all small (another broken cowshark tooth, three angel shark teeth, and many sand tiger shark spikes and gray shark teeth, and a tiny mako or two.  Beautiful day and lots of exercise!  Birdsong impressive!  Saw no amphibians today.  Hope some of the stuff that is drying is real interesting, if not it will end up on my driveway.    





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Tell'n ya, just walk around that creek barefoot.

You'll find much more. :o

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I think your unidentified pointy objects are porcupine/puffer fish spines.  



Pocupine pufferfish spines_small.jpg


Image from HERE.


Some sort of fish bones, anyway. Pretty cool. 


Neat tiny Makos, too. 

Thanks for the report! :) 


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@caldigger Probably would find s @Fossildude19 's nasty porcupine fish quills!  It's amazing how small mako teeth can be, sadly.  But occasionally you exceed expectations, making it all worthwhile!

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