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More strange petrified wood...basket weave pattern?

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1 inch thick and about 1 1/2 inch wide

found in gravel from the Brazos river

this specimen has a basket weave type grain

any ideas of the type of wood this was?

on first glance I thought it was a wear pattern but under the microscopic camera it looks similar to a basket weave pattern.






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I guess the cross grain markings are medullary rays, prominent in some woods.

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It could also be a species of tree similar to white oak of today. The cells that make up white oak are closed off, and that could be what we're be seeing.


Fun fact: If you put a hunk of red oak and white oak in water with the end grain facing down the red oak will wick water up through the entire block of wood, meanwhile white oak will not, this is due to white oak having closed cells.


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