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Need Saskatchewan, Canada, fossil hunting tips


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Hello, hello!


I'll be posting in the member introduction next, but I thought I would do this first. I am a Saskatchewan-ian, but have only ever found two fossils in Saskatchewan. A small limestone bivalve imprint in the Swift Current creek, Swift Current; and a nice sized 3/4 ammolite shell  south of Gull Lake, in a pasture (I don't remember the exact location).

I have found most of my collection in BC (Vancouver island, Comox valley), but am unsure where to begin here at home. I have read over our major fossil finds, T-Rex for the win!, but unsure where to begin.


I have heard, and now read here, that Lake Diefenbaker is a good location to start. Other than that basic location, I really haven't learned much about the types of mineral formations I should be looking for.


If anyone has any tips to help me begin my fossil hunting journey here at home, I would really appreciate the help.

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Does the provincial government charge for permits to collect?

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Welcome to the Forum.  ;) 



Definitely check to see if you need a permit to collect first! 


Then, ... I would check out this website

The information is VERY OLD, (Over 100 years, in some cases)  ... and no longer accurate. It is a good starting place though. 

Using Google, ... I would research all of the Formations mentioned in it.  "Whatever Formation PDF". Read anything that comes up on it. 

Good luck.  :) 


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A permit is needed here, that is on top of my list (I was a kid when I found the two in my collection from Sask, didn't know until a couple of months ago that a permit was needed here).


Thank you fore he link Fossildude19, I had saved this chart a couple of months ago when I started looking into where to begin here in Sask.


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