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Fossil Bones?


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So, awhile ago, I posted about going through a rock and finding a shell fossil, which turned out to be a Gastropod. In that same rock, I found these fossils that look like pieces of a spinal chord, and two other pieces that look like parts of a skull. These things are VERY small, I had to use a big Magnifier to get the picture. They are about 1/2 a centimeter long, except for the other two parts, which are 2 centimeters and 1 centimeter long. The rock was found in Nampa, Idaho.


A friend of mine told me that the rock was likely brought in from Bruneau, Idaho, as I mentioned in an earlier post. He also was the first to point out to me that, "There are pieces of a fish skull in the rock."


Anyway, I would like some input. I am pretty sure the 3 small pieces are part of a spinal chord. Attached is a picture of just one of them. I think the other two pieces are part of a fish skull, like my friend said.


I would ask him for help on this, but he passed away last year.


What do you guys think? Fish bones or something else? Are they even bones?


If you need individual pictures of each one, I will get them.






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Peat Burns

I see a fish vertebra in the last photo.  Cool!

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Thanks for the input so far. It actually makes sense that it's a fish vertebrae. I found gastropods and other shell fossils inside the same Rock as well as petrified wood.


I think my old friend was correct when he said these were Fishbones!


Thanks for helping me out.



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Mark Kmiecik
3 hours ago, jnicholes said:

I think my old friend was correct when he said these were Fishbones!

I was just about to say they all look like fish bits.

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