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Hello fossil people of the world! 


I'm desperately looking for an old Paleotools microjack. It doesn't have to be in working condition, but if it is that's a bonus! Anyone out there have an old secondhand one or one they are no longer using? I'm ideally trying to find a 3, but any size will do. 


I have borrowed a 3 but need to return really soon. So hoping someone out there has a secondhand one to sell! Or any ideas of where a used one can be purchased?


I do very fine work on ribs and finger bones like on the picture I've attached, so the larger scribes are a bit too hardcore! 


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Offers to buy and sell have to be done in our Member-to-Member Sales subforum. Once you have posted more, that privilege will be unlocked, earning you access there. :)


From our Forum Rules and Community Standards:


"First, The Fossil Forum is primarily a non-commercial site. Posts involving sales or any other commercial activity must be made only on the "Member-to-Member Sales" forum (and no where else; not in the Galleries, Public Chatroom, Member Profiles, nor Blogs) ..

... Permission to post on Member-to-Member Sales is granted to established members who achieve and maintain a level of participation, in the discussions, with posts of substance. Failure to adhere to this simple requirement may forfeit your membership."

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