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Brownie’s Beach/Bayfront Park...lots of little teeth

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Went to Brownie’s/Bayfront Park for the first time yesterday. Lots of tiny intact teeth. 


The smallest intact tooth was 0.23”. The largest was 0.67”.


I was happy and surprised by the amount of teeth that I found. I gave a few away to curious people that happened by. One couple asked for pointers when I showed up. We talked for a few minutes, I ran one load of material through my sifter, and found a tooth right off. I handed it over to give them an idea of what to look for.


I averaged 10+ teeth per hour. My best trip yet. In summary...LOTS of teeth here, a good time, pleasant & curious passers by, and lunatics in the parking lot.


Get there early (I did) and with the summer heat...don’t be surprised if people are blowing their gasket in the parking lot. Witnessed one lady that was convinced someone stole her spot jump out of her minivan and proceed to curse at the “offender.” The summer heat, lol.








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Nice finds, glad you had fun!

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You have some nice finds. I have had mixed results at Bayfront. I have yet to find a big tooth, but multiple times I have seen people find megs, and decent sized teeth. I sometimes do better sifting as you did. I have found a few maybe an inch and a quarter at Bayfront. That last few times I went, a few months ago, the water was really murky; and a lot of mud and clay, a little ways down the cliffs. One area, I could not pass it was so bad, and probably dangerous, as I was sinking right into it. I have heard stories about the parking lot. I don't think I would even try on the weekend in the summer. I don't want to pay either. Good Luck.

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Mark Kmiecik
On 7/21/2019 at 11:55 AM, Barnaby'sdad said:

The summer heat, lol.

It's not the heat but the humidity.

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