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Carnassial? Holo-Pleistocene, Oahu, Hawaii


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Found this partial tooth a few years ago in some Holo-Pleistocene marine sediments on Oahu, Hawaii.  There is also the chance that it is more recent, as there had been some dredging in the area, though I haven't seen any evidence at this location.


Approximately half of this tooth is missing. What remains is half of the crown and one root lobe. It is 17 mm in maximum dimension.  My guess is carnassial.  Seal? Canid?


Appreciate any and all input.






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Harry Pristis


Looks canid to me.  My best illustration is coyote, but that's not likely to be your canid.



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Domestic dog is going to be the only real option here. It's not from a seal. Here's what monk seal teeth look like: image.png.83b1ecc5d9c0003e53f660f2103c0480.png

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