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Help with identifying possible tusk


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I've collected this fossil on a beach near Balchik in Bulgaria and have wandered what it is. On the same beach I've also found small parts of bones and a partial vertebrae. Since there have been previous finds from Deinotherium bavaricum , Trilophodon angus-tidens and Choerolophodon pentelici in the region I was pretty exited that I've found a part of a tusk or one from a baby, but I am really not sure what exactly the fossil is.

Please if you have any good guesses for the origin of the fossil please let me know.





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I think it is almost certainly a Horse (Equus .sp) incisor.  The fewer cow and bison incisors I have found mostly have a significant 'bump" transitioning from root to enamel.

I am not sure that this is modern.

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Well since I've started showing pictures, I guess here are also the bones.

I'm mostly keen to know if there is any way to identify what the vertebrae is from and what the brown fossil on the cork is.

BUT OF COURSE if you know from which part of the animal the others are from I will be glad to hear.

Also thanks for the suggestions on the incisor!








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The brown fossils on the cork are turtle shell.. We get tons in Florida


On the vertebrae, start with size measurements, and then connect that size to approximate sized mammals that exist in the fossil record for that area.

On the size, I like to consider how large is this vertebrae to a human vert... and then think about what sized animal would have such a vert.


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