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Damaged bone or horn core?


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Good afternoon! I am a beginner collector and last summer I went on my first dig in Glendive, MT. I don't know the age of the rock we were digging in, but we found some fragments to cast and this piece was found under all those as we dug them out, so it was kind of by itself. We did a very quick search around the area and didn't find anything else. 


I notice this piece is kind of conical, but I didn't know if that shape was due to damage or if it was a horn. It's in real rough shape, very crumbly, and there is still some plaster on it you can see in a couple pictures (as well as super glue from a bad repair I attempted). There is definitely some marrow on the inside but the outside is badly split. Some groves present


Any info or guesses is appreciated. Someday I hope to be as knowledgeable as you all!





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Welcome to the Forum from Austin, Tx.  I believe you have a chunk of bone there, but to ID it further I cannot.

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It does kinda look like some kind of horn core. But due to the damage it's hard to tell. Perhaps look at it from under a microscope and see how much of the surface is damaged by abrasion and possibly if there's still some original surface texture you can judge.

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Could be a horn core.  I think there are some blood grooves visible on the surface but hand inspection is what is really needed 

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