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Ordovician STROMATOLITES to trade.

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Would anyone be interested in trading for high quality unpolished Ordovician STROMATOLITES of various sizes from a few ounces to up to ten pounds in weight?  Fossils have been collected in Wisconsin USA  (from the Oneota Formation). I have a large number of every size from a few ounces to ten pounds. Most all contain classic stromatolite features including concave (dome-like) tops, concave bottoms and   multiple apical laminae (visible from side-view).  I am attaching representative photos of a few specimens.  Many more are available based on what you may desire. Additional photos can be sent. Let me know if you' are interested. 


I would be willing to consider almost any kind of fossil in trade to expand my collection.  Crinoids, trilobites, blastoids, brachiopods, plant or animal fossils, and especially maclurites are examples.  THANKS.


Strom 7-29- 2A.jpg

Strom 7-29- 3B.jpg

Strom 7-29- 5B.jpg

Strom 7-29- 1A.jpg

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It would aid your potential trade partners if you stated what you would like in return.

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