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Question on Ammonite


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Warning: I'm a total noob when it comes to fossils. I stumbled across this Ammonite fossil while hiking in North Texas yesterday. A few questions:


1. Is this an Ammonite?

2. Does it seem like the entire animal, or just a fragment?

3. I've cleaned it the best I can with warm water and a soft brush. Is there any hope of improving the appearance of it in any way?




Thanks for any info you can give!



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This is a large fragment of the outer whorls of an ammonite. Perhaps a Mortoniceras.

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Hello Brian, and welcome to TFF from Austin, Tx. 


Let me answer your questions in order:

1)  Yes, that is a portion of an ammonite.

2)  No, it looks like it is about 1/2 there.

3)  To me it looks acceptable "as is'.


Finally, I'd point you to the Dallas Paleo Society and suggest you consider joining that fine organization, should your interests move you.

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Move to Fossil ID. ;) 

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