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Fossil hunting near Hamburg Germany?

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My son is moving to Hamburg Germany and I was wondering if there were any sites where he can hunt for fossils?


He likes fish fossils, but I am hoping he might find his father a few nice shark teeth. :D


Are there fees and permits required? Can he send fossils out of the country?


Any fossil shops in or near Hamburg?

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@DevilDog: Hamburg is a "little difficult" for self-collecting fossils. Northern Germany is (with some exeptions) covered with glacial sediments of the last ice age, within them you can find fossils from the Lower Cambrian up to the Pleistocene, but fossils are generally very rare, outcrops, too. And in most active gravel pits, collecting is prohobited. Natural outcrops on public lands outside of protected areas, on the other side are easy, you can collect and find (non human related) fossils (in most of the northern states without restrictions).


In the Hamburg area there is one classical outcrop on the shore of the Elbe River, the "Schulauer Ufer": Google map , a page with some informations (in german) you can find here.

Outcropsituation depends on water level.

Other outcrops (with higher density of fossil material) you can find on the shores of the baltic sea and in denmark ("Nearby" for an us-american understanding of distances ;)). If you need further informations about this topic, you can contact me via PM


Fossil shops are quite rare and rather expensive in the Hamburg area. Depending on the timing & length of your stay:


There is a small fossil fair this weekend (08.09. in the city Rendsburg from 10:00 to 16:00 in the Nordmarkhalle at Willy-Brandt-Platz 1.), with very very fair collectors prices and a lot of material from local collectors from N Germany, Denmark and Sweden. In the beginning of december there is the Germany's second large fossil and mineral fair in Hamburg :Mineralien Hamburg 2019

More rocks, more international material, less private atmosphere, higher prices. ;)


Regarding the permits: very worthy fossils can cause problems, since the debate about a law regarding illict trafficking of cultural property is still actual, very old collection material can result in problems, too. "Usual" Material results only "usual" problems, e.g the soil-and-invasive-species-discussion in the target country.


If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Best regards



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