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Lagosuchus revalidated: Paper Request

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A new paper is available online that will shock you:


Agnolin, F.L., and Ezcurra, M.D., 2019. The validity of Lagosuchus talampayensis Romer, 1971 (Archosauria, Dinosauriformes), from the Late Triassic of Argentina. Breviora, 565(1), 1-21. https://bioone.org/journals/Breviora/volume-565/issue-1/0006-9698-565.1.1/THE-VALIDITY-OF-LAGOSUCHUS-TALAMPAYENSIS-ROMER-1971-ARCHOSAURIA-DINOSAURIFORMES-FROM/10.3099/0006-9698-565.1.1.short?tab=ArticleLink 


The paper by Agnolin and Ezcurra revalidating Lagosuchus talampayensis as distinct from other non-dinosaurian dinosauromorphs and sinking Marasuchus as a junior synonym of Lagosuchus provides new insights into the anatomy of UPLR 09 (L. talampayensis) as it compares with other dinosauriforms, considering that Sereno and Arcucci (1994) did not consider UPLR 09 to be diagnostic from other basal dinosauromorphs.


By the way, does anyone have a copy of the above paper I could look at?

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