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Fossil hunting in Antwerp, Belgium


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Hello all,

I'm on my first trip abroad and in Belgium at the moment. Going to be heading to Brussels tomorrow but have been researching the possibility of going to Antwerp to search for fossils. I understand people don't like to share private fossil hunting areas but could anyone point me in the right direction in Antwerp? 

I've attached what I found on fossiel.net but just want to check is this enough to get by or will I end up hopelessly lost?

Any advice would be massively appreciated.




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You are probably back by now but the location is right on the map. The problem is that the site is prohibited. There are large sanddeposits here from digging the Deurgankdok. There was a lot to be found but most is searched by now. Most of it is allready sifted. I heard they still go to this site though.


greetings Walter

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