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I just moved back to New Jersey and I hope to get back into fossil hunting here. Would any suggestions for areas to check out?

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I was born and raised in NJ and fossil hunting was always a huge hobby of mine. In fact, I turned it into a career by working in Paleoecology and Pleistocene Zooarcheology when I got older. I just finished my PhD in the UK and after many years, I am back in New Jersey visiting my family.


I haven't seen many recent posts in this particular group but I was hoping if anyone can help. I used to primarily go to Big Brook for fossil hunting in NJ (I even found marine reptile teeth there!), however, last time I was there, I noticed that it was not only incredibly polluted (which made me sad) but well...scarce compared to when I was younger (last time I was there was roughly 5-6 years ago). I am curious if this sub has any recommendations for areas that I can go to in order to get back into this hobby. I reside in Morris county but am willing to travel a bit. Essentially, I am not up to date regarding areas that I can go to! 


I am really looking forward visiting sites before winter hits so any insight would be insanely appreciated. Thank you so much! 

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